"Not too long ago, I bought a painting from John titled "West Village". It is a New York City street scene which shows three brownstone buildings. The minute I saw this painting I fell in love with it. I lived in Brooklyn for seven years & the painting took me back to those memorable days. To me the painting is simply iconic New York City. The brownstones could be anywhere as there are scenes like that all over New York City.  John has a way of capturing the essence of whatever he is painting with his use of color, composition & his own unique style. The colors he used in "West Village" worked very well together, are vibrant and makes the painting come alive. In addition, the variety of repeated patterns and shapes work to unify the composition and hold the viewer's attention. To me, the painting is just fantastic as are all of John's paintings whether from northern Michigan, the streets of Ann Arbor or the streets of New York City!"   Susan Sparling,Ann Arbor,MI, May, 2021

"I've known John for many years, since our kids were little. I've watched his passion for painting grow as well. When we decided to redecorate our main bedroom after spending so much time at home during COVID, I wanted to create a tranquil and peaceful place of rest & relaxation. I love the water, it rejuvenates me. I wanted the wall behind our bed to be a water scene & I thought of John right away with his Lake Michigan paintings. I worked with John for several weeks just getting ideas. He came over to view the space & take measurements. We worked through creating a triptych of Lake Michigan shorelines that would compliment each other. John kept me informed throughout the process, getting just the right shades of blue & green. The finished product is a lovely combination of water, shore, and trees which will help create that tranquility we all so desperately need."   

Janine Chey, Ann Arbor, MI, May, 2021

"Ocean" by John Shultz is a painting I cherish and it hangs in a place of honor in my apartment. I live near the Atlantic Ocean but have loving memories of Lake Michigan and John captures both for me in "Ocean", one of the reasons I love it so much." 

Catherine Arcure, New York City, NY May, 2021

"I commissioned John to create a painting of my childhood farm in Pennsylvania. He was great to work with! I so appreciate that he brought me into the process, and it was fun and exciting to see the scene begin to take shape over time. John also spent John Also spent time creating prints for me to give to my family, a process that is more involved than I knew. My entire family and myself love having this wonderful tribute to our past."  

Vicki Conway, Ann Arbor, MI, June, 2021

"I purchased the Lincoln Center painting because it reminds me of the many wonderful events I attended when I lived in the City. I was lucky to have friends who regularly performed at one or more of the venues. I can remember when my friend Rick successfully auditioned for main stage roles at the Met in front of Beverly Sills with my roommate as his accompanist. I am now retired and live in Minnesota. I generally do not collect things. However, this painting has pride of place in our new home, reminding me of wonderful years in New York City. It brings me great joy." 

Nina Sartori, Cottage Grove, MN, April, 2021

"John's notecards inspire me to put pen to paper-his beautiful art is food for my soul, and does wonders for the written material! My friends have framed the cards I sent them. I enjoy giving gifts of John's boxed cards with colorful images from around the world. It's easy to include the cards that will tickle the recipient because John is happy to customize the assortment." 

Nancy Bedinger, Atlanta, GA, April, 2021

"As a longtime admirer of John Shultz's art, I was thrilled to purchase his bold, colorful expressions originally painted on canvas...in note cards! I especially love sending and sharing John's images of the gorgeous Lake Michigan shoreline and delightful "Up North" landmarks. I have given John's boxed themed note cards as gifts and have received enthusiastic appreciation of his art!

Pam Spicer, Traverse City, MI, April, 2021

I like John's representational style of the Michigan Theater. I liked it because it reminded me of a view of the theater that I have had from Knights when I eat there with Maya and Ray.  Seeing the view was really an important reason for its appeal. The painting reveals your style and use of color. It is definitely John's style and no one else's. I like its originality and use of intense orange and blue, two colors that bring the painting alive and hold the viewer's attention, perhaps representing the intensity of a sunset on this scene. It is  picture primarily about light. That is where your originality as an artist is revealed. I can identify most of your other paintings as yours after having seen this one.

Jean Long, Ann Arbor, MI April 2021

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