John Shultz Artworks


After a decade of photographing people. I started to study the work of Andy Warhol's photo silkscreens and taught myself this process and offered it to photography clients as an alternative to the traditional photographic portrait.

The photo silkscreen process involved silkscreen ink and a high contrast black and white version of the subject's face screened (through silk) onto the pre-painted paper on canvas.

The idea was a success and I did many silkscreens during an eight year period of time. The process afforded me with the opportunity to mix paint, formulate and blend colors. It essentially taught me a strong foundation for painting and I gradually steered myself away from the photo silkscreen process and began to paint pictures that involved no human faces or people whatsoever. My medium was the silkscreen ink and later I went to soft pastels and finally, oil paint.

I'm infatuated with colors and how they combine with one another. I'm in love with nature and draw my colors from natural surroundings. I enjoy an unrealistic rendering of my surroundings. I also like to paint pure abstracts, nudes, and cityscapes. I want to be reminded of what nature has given me when I look at my paintings; a sense of peace, tranquility, and awe.

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