John Shultz Artworks


Commissions are available. 

The customer should have an image in mind that they would like to have on their wall. This can involve certain colors, buildings or landscapes that they feel very emotional about.

The image is often a building, such as a home that has special meaning to them. It can also be an abstract image of certain colors that will enhance their home and surroundings. It can be a landscape that moves them as well. Beach horizons are popular.

I work from photographs. These photos can be provided by the customer whereupon I enlarge & enhance the image to provide me with the information & background I need for a suitable painting. If the place or home is nearby, I will take my own photos & share them with the customer to agree upon a particular angle that is most desired.

The painting begins & has several stages. A size is determined that will work in the customer's environment. There is the sketch  on the canvas which is followed by the application of color. The stages of the painting are shared with the customer  for ideas, recommendations & approval.

The completion of the commission generally takes 3-4 weeks & framing can add another week or two.


11x14" Oil on Canvas $600.00

16x20" Oil on Canvas $700.00

20x24" Oil on Canvas $800.00

22x28" Oil on Canvas $900.00

24x30" Oil on Canvas $1000.00

30x40" Oil on Canvas $1200.00

36x48" Oil on Canvas $1400.00

48x60" Oil on Canvas $1600.00

Other specific sizes are available upon request.

Framing is available at an additional fee. The sides of the stretcher bars are painted & can take the place of a frame. A  1.5" stretcher bar is recommended for this. Triptychs or paired paintings are also available at a discounted rate. 

A discussion of the project takes place at my downtown Ann Arbor studio or at the customer's home.

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